Thursday, January 7, 2010

Some serious input...

So the latest polls are in and for once i can say i did not make these numbers up just to prove a point. Turns out that the readers of my blog are healthy and regular with regards to their bowel movements. This is great... except for the people who are going multiple times a day. That just blows my mind. I like to sit back(not literally) and relax, read a bit of whatever book im working on or a mag, think about stuff and let nature run its course. As much as i enjoy my time on the pot, i cant imagine doing this multiple times a day, i feel it would cheapen the experience. Thats really all i have to say about that. Time to move on the what i really want to discuss...

Time for the newest poll... This is very important and i hope everyone puts some actuall thought into it and not just clicking a random selection. Which Super Mario Bros. game is your favorite? There are quite a few, but were going to stick with the major consol releases. No gameboy or handheld enteries or spin offs such as Dr. Mario, any of the wario games, and the random tittles like mario is missing. I do however hold a dear place for Mario RPG because im a huge rpg fan, but this is another example of a spin off. The list goes on with a lot of classics in their own rights like Mariocart, and who can forget the original donkey kong. Were talkin core classics in the series.

Super Mario Bros. - The original, although there were already a lot of early PC and Japanese versions of the game out when this came out in the US.

Super Mario Bros. 2 -This game was wierd and still kinda freaks me out but I consider it part of the series. I think it hit the series early enough not to get labled as a spin off and it adds a little flavor to the mario genre.

Super Mario Bros. 3
- Awesome... instant classic. I dont know anyone who has not played this game, so im not going to waste words with descriptions.

Super Mario World
- Very nice game. A great job for uping the stakes here on a new system. Same classic play, but they were def thinking outside the box to bring this around. Who can forget Yoshi :)

Super Mario 64 - Very classic game, once again trying to up the stakes and show that mario can change and mold to latest developments in technology. Although marios world turned into a fully 3D environment, the concepts of the mario series are still there. This is a lot like Mario2, it still kinda freaks me out.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii
-An instant classic. Goes back to the roots here with some new twists. Takes the game back to the original game play with some refined graphics while still holding onto the classic feel. Throw in some of our favorite characters weve met along the way. Oh yeah and its 1-4 players which is always fun but depending on who youre playing with it could be benificial or very anti-productive. (edit: i feel like i didnt describe the 1-4 player part well enough... 1-4 players play at the same time! No more taking turns, you can steal all the power ups and coins if you want, knock the other players into the fire or down a hold, or even throw em into spikes... you could also work together to unlock secrets and special areas too i guess.)

So there they are, have at it. This was just to get the games back in your head so you can think about them all and make a good decision. I cant wait to see the results!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Old Year!!

What is all the hype about concerning the new year. I definitely understand that its kind of a fresh start. You can look forward to and make plans for the next measure of twelve months we call a year. This seems very unnatural for our culture.

As a culture, it seems to me that we like to celebrate the end of things. Whether it was a bad experience or good we tend to let loose and relax after its all said and done. Summer time is a good example, we dont have beginning of summer parties. We just start having fun and throwing regular parties. We do have end of summer parties though... Look at weekends, theyre great. Why dont we call them weekstarts? Besides sounding stupid, no one wants to celebrate the begining of a work week.

Im a glass half full kind of guy, so naturally i want to hope the best for the upcomming year. I have ideas and plans for my time, and asparations id like to see fulfilled. But this time of year for me is more about reflection. To come up with goals or ways you want to improve you need to know where youre starting or what you have to work with. Thinking back on a year full of ups and downs, i can reflect on good things i want more of and bad things id like to change. Id think this would be big considering how much stock we put into cameras and video.

If youve had a good year, awesome! Congratulate yourself, relax, and live it up for a couple days. If youve had a bad year, well its over. Congratulations you made it! Take a couple days, chill out, have some fun, and plan your attack. And for both of you i say Happy Old Year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Have I been inactive... or just lazy?

What up, its been a while! Just decided to dust off the 'ol blog. I cant help but reason out that ive been lazy. Not that there is much pressure from a source other than myself, but i do enjoy writing on here and have thought about jumping on from time to time. But as any procrastinator or lazy person would, i have some good excuses. Well perhaps they are like most reasons and excuses... Lame.

1. I forgot the location of my blog. I didnt remember anything besides the name of my blog, but a simple google search found it.

2. I thought i forgot the information to my blog acount. Turns out though that its linked to my email and automatically logged me in when i came here!

3. I wasnt feeling inspired. Who am i trying to kid, genious people are always inspired whether they feel it or not. (comming soon, ways to notice the truely genious)

4. Too busy doing other really cool and awesome stuff! ... once again who am i trying to kid hahahahaha! But seriously i was too busy doing other really cool and awesome stuff!

5. Getting massages... oh wait thats why this blog is about done... ok once again who am i kidding, im sore and need a massage but wont be getting one, but i need one and am going to make that my excuse to get off the computer and make some food and get ready for work.

Its good to be back, later sukas!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Hello World!

Yep its been a while but ive decided to stop being lazy and post more useless opinions and thoughts. Today as an opener i want to discuss the latest poll results. It turns out that 33% of my active , active being relative to the time when i was actually posting kinda regularly, consider them selves R-Tards and who think their opinion matter not. this is interesting especially given the easy selection of yes or no. now i would like to talk about the actual results. i will consider the selections in category "lets make out" to be at least tolerable towards myself and there for are considered linked to Yes, from Do you like me. this is great. 92% of my active readers "like me" on whatever scale you as the reader seem fitting. now what is disheartening is the 8% , or ONE PERSON, that doesnt like me. No i made the category "I am an R_Tard" so that people would have an out. It is not linked in anyway to the "no" category, so people who dont really like me but are too nice to vote no, dont have to vote no, and dont have to vote yes either. Now if there are people who dont like me but are too nice to vote no and voted "lets make out" as an out, youve been had and i count your vote as i mentioned as a yes anyway!!!!!

in conclusion the is one person out there that not only dislikes me but is also mean. mean enough to vote no. i will find out who this person is and make a post about them. if you speak up and let em know who you are before i start investing my resources into finding you, you may end up with a nice post about you.

Monday, September 24, 2007

ill Mitch

And now for some ill Mitch. I dont have much to say today, so ill cop out with a video.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


So partly due to my lazy nature and ability to accept the imperfect, many of you have probably noticed a trend in some of my writing, whether it be here or on various other forums or emails or chatting. And no im not talking about my love of run on sentences or spelling. What im talking about is hard for me to actually name, one sec and ill look it up and try to find a name for it... k so apparently its called an anagram. im pretty sure i know that but whatever. I looked it up and its where you reform a word or phrase to make a new word or phrase. mine is just a word with misspelled parts, which in some cases make a fun word.

I have determined my unintentional anagram creation skills come from an over anxious fingers. It seems that on some commonly used words my fingers already know where they should be going, and in a mad rush to pump out a word as quickly as possible, a trait that is encouraged with standard words per min tests and associated spots for such information on business applications, my fingers get jumpy and cant seem to wait for the letter before theirs to be typed. thus the ends of certian words get all jumbly and sometimes find them selves attached to the begining of the next word. (this thanks to my thumbs whos only job it is to hit the space bar get really jumpy especially on long strings of reletively short words.

the follow is a comprehensive list of some common words i anagramorize :D

abou tit ........ about it -- i really like this one and a lot of times i wont even correct it cause it says "tit!" NICE!

liek .......... like -- this one is soooo common for me i dotn know why, it just always comes out liek. It happens so often ive become sick of correcting it so you might see it a lot. plus now i read it as like but pronounced like a valley girl or surfer dude would say it. liek totally for sure!

nad .......... and -- it says nad, liek gonads lol normally i leave this one too because its funny and people will know what it means anyway.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tomb of the Unknown Ant

Ants are very interesting creatures. Everyone has seen them if not just go out side and look for the little pieces of dirt that appear to be moving, these are ants. Anyway this summer we have had an ant issue. If a piece of food is somehow left out over night we will know it the next morning when swarms of ants are all over it and the area of said piece of food. Lately its been kind of funny because if i leave a glass or open bottle out in my room, the next morning there are tons of dead ants in the water and all over my desk, dresser, or table. I like to then take the water and swirl it around a bit to get all the ants not dead int he water but still crawling around on the inside, and get them in the mix too. Next I have myself a nice wake up protein shake :D its yummy!

To stay on focus of the topic i really want to share will take us back in time. Back to the good ol days when we would run around naked and not care. Back when saturday morning cartoons were a highlight of the week. Back to when it would take hours to find waldo. Ahhh the good time we've all had back in the day. Of course im talking about last night. After a long day at class, mondays being the long/ late class day of the week, i come home to relax. Actually i think we need to go back a few more hours to when i was still on campus. ( Q: You mght say to your self why didnt you just rewrite this segment to how it would flow more smoothly? A: I feel everything i write is a master piece so why would i destroy such eloquence and beautifully written run on sentences. Real A: Im lazy and just want to move on and work around my mistakes with out actually correcting them, more of a lazy desire to just go with it and try to make it work.) So about lunch time im getting really hungry, so i decide to visit the Taco Bell.

Taco Bell is a great place. If you have never been be sure to go within the next few days or you will have bad luck. Also if you get 5 more people to go to Taco Bell within the next few days you will have good luck. If you dotn care about good luck, but dont want bad luck, but want a full stomach and have it full with some awesome grub, just go to Taco Bell. Now the problem with taco bell, besides the point that some locations do not have Mexi Melts or ChocoTacos on the menue, is that some times there is an error that occurs somewhere between the points of when you place your order and when you pick it up. (ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK YOUR ORDER WHEN GOIGN THROGH DRIVE THROUGH!!!!) Now yesterday i had a hankering for soem Chalupas. And rather than get some from taco bell and get a drink from the mini mart on campus (it had a long line ><) i got the chalupa meal. 2 chalupas and a soft taco and a beverage. My order number was 4615. When they called my number 15, i gave em my ticket they checked the ticket number and gave me my food. I had restarted reading the Wheel of Time series this weekend so i went and found a comfy chair and pulled out my book and go to unwrap my soft taco( always eat em first for some reason) and lo and behold i have a grilled stuffed buritto, nachos, and a soft taco. Now when i made my order i said i would like the number 9, the chalupa meal. I do not know how this happened but i enjoyed my meal anyway, although i saved my Grilled stuffed burrito because i wasnt very hungry.

This brings us to Monday night when im home and showered and relaxing from a long day at school. I start reading my book again and remember i have a grilled stuffed burrito in my backpack so i bust that badboy out. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm picture me eating this, they are very good. About half way thgough i get full so i put it aside. An hour or so later i look over and it is completly covered in ants. Picture me very angry, well more frustrated, at these ants for ruining my awesome burrito. Im my fit of rage i grab my burito and start to chow down! MMMMMMM grilled stuffed burito!!!! It was so good still. I keep biting it tryign to get as many ants as possible. I can feel them crawlign around on the inside of my mouth, very wierd in a tickly kind of way. Although i am now enjoying my burrito wich is now free of ants, there are still tons runing around on my desk. so as i finish my burrito i start tryign to smash all the ants i can. as i smash them i start to pile them up. Very soon i have a big pile of ants, big being a relative term especially since were talking about it being made up of really small ants. This mass anticide continues untill im done with my burrito. I pile up the last of my ant victims and hope my pile of ant death deters the ants and shows them that they are not welcome.

A little while later when im gettign ready for bed im brushing my teeth and i have little black things stuck in my teeth, such as a speck of pepper would look or somthign similar. lol there were ants in my teeth. so i brushed em all out and was feelign pretty pleased. THis mornign came and guess what. They were back, they were all over my pile of death. They were carrying away some of the dead. I dont know if they were going to burry em, or eat em!!!!! I need to get my hands on a digital camera so i can document stuff like this.